The Lymaria

Powerful, Hidden, and Everywhere. These are the words used to describe the Lymaria, they are the source of magic in the world and the cause behind many magical events. The Lymaria are lines that travel the world criss crossing eachother endlessly and even arriving together to channel power to a specfic place. They channel the very magic and arcane power that mages draw from in this world and spread it around as part of the world, the lymaria are like veins traveling throughout the body with some differences of course. They are in fact invisible to most in the world even the mages who use them. Yet we are always aware of their existance and the power they yield.

When a person is born from time to time they are touched by the lymaria and infused with their own system of the lymaria, forever bonding them to endless network, these people are mages. Some are gifted and more powerful depending on where they are born, places where the lymaria gather and cross each other, or where they take shape. You see the lymaria when they come together can take one of three forms; a nexus, a source, or a weave.


A lymarian nexus are points in the network where the lines have collided and expended to form an outline of some shape. When like this the inner of the shape becomes a great source of arcane energy that pours out of the lymaria and into taking form. This can cause creatures to be born from seemingly nothing, or enchance the natural area to become someting greater, such as a pool of water being able to restore wounds or restore youth. Where ever the nexus is it always appears to enhance the wild life and the surrounding area to where they become infused with arcane energy.


A lymarian source are points where two or more of the lines have collided directly into each other causing the magic inside to leak out like a small gyser into the world. The magic is too little to cause any direct change to the area around it, however mages who draw from the lymaria around one take from the build up of arcane energy that occurs there, enchancing spells and causing them to be unnecessarily destructive at times. If a source is bound to some piece of nature it can cause change to creature who are regularly around it or take pieces of it in, such as an animal drinking from puddle. This can give change them internally bit by bit, this believed to be the cause and creation of dire wolfs from regular wolfs.


A lymarian weave is when the network of lines come together and criss-cross into each other, whether spiraling together or forming knots with each other. When the lines cross over like it alters the magic channeled inside altering it into something new. This form spreads around an enviroment causing the enviroment they surround to alter in unexpected ways, such as a deep dark cavern being filled with light, or entering a section of a forest and suddenly it’s night time rather than day. These are truely the oddest of the forms as no mage has been able to properly explain how this works. It also reported that spells casted inside these areas will change the spell that occurs entirely, such as casting fireball and suddenly you cast light.

Infusing Magic

Originally it was thought that the lymaria could not be controlled or used without working their own. However this was proven false when an archmage studying the lymaria discovered if he could let items touch the lymaria then they would infuse their own arcane energy within the item to create a new network on the item itself, and thus magic items were born.

Magic on Lymaria

Only certain spells work when used directly on the lymarian lines. Such as detect magic can cause the lines to become visible to even non-magical beings. While dispell magic can not remove lymarian lines, they can erase the network on a magic item and unravel or remove a lymarian line form. When a form is removed then the lymarian lines shift and change in order to recreate the form at a new location.


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